Scientists found in plants of gold nanoparticles, ” the Chronicle of world events

Ученые нашли в растениях наночастицы золота » Хроника мировых событий

They are bad for animals.

Chinese scientists subjected two species of plants to study and opened up new concepts about plants.

Researchers from the Chinese University were subjected to study ramie and canadian melkolepestnik that grow in one area of China. They were surprised to see in the composition of the plant gold nanoparticles. After a more detailed study, they concluded that gold particles into the plant by anthropogenic. This view has two explanations – in the soil where the samples were collected, a very low level of gold, nearby is electroplating, in which gold is used.

Scientists know that gold could get to the plant when the plant itself absorbs it from the air or water. Much of the valuable metal going around the cytoskeleton of each of the plants. Subjecting the gold particle to a study it has become clear that they are of two types: in one type more gold and oxygen, and the second – copper and chlorine. Some scientists believe that these nanoparticles are very useful for plants so as to increase the speed of their growth, while the latter believe that gold nanoparticles have a negative impact on plant growth.

In the future, scientists want to understand how the gold gets in the plants, as this process of control. The scientists also want to know how does the precious metal on plants.

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