Scientists from MIT want to print on a 3D printer bridge, invented by Da Vinci

Ученые из МТИ хотят напечатать на 3D-принтере мост, придуманный Да Винчи

Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology are going to print on a 3D printer fancy bridge that Leonardo da Vinci designed 500 years ago.

Student, faculty of engineering, karly bast (Bast, Karly) built a model of a bridge designed by Leonardo da Vinci, which she and her colleagues used to prove the feasibility of the project. Now the team is going to print it on a 3D printer in full size.

This project was an ancient engineering marvel. To the surprise of modern engineers, the idea of genius not only worked, but, in fact, the project has revolutionized the construction of five centuries ago.

As the story goes, in 1502, Sultan Bayezid II wanted to build a bridge connecting Istanbul with Galata. One of the suggested projects was invented by Leonardo da Vinci, who at that time already made a name for himself in the field of art and science. In the letter which he sent to the Sultan, together with sketches of da Vinci described the bridge itself, is able to cover the desired distance using a single tapered arched design, resting on a base on the shore.

Bridges at that time generally were built using a series of semi-circular arches, and to overcome the distance between the two cities it would take at least 10 evenly spaced pillars to support the whole structure. The idea of da Vinci would easily allow to do without it – between the supports could easily pass the ships. The Sultan decided not to risk it, but half a Millennium later, the researchers want to prove the reality of ideas.