Scientists have brought to reality the dream of “crease-resistant” shirt

Ученые воплотили в реальность мечту о "немнущейся" рубашке

Australian scientists are working on breeding genetically modified cotton.Australian scientists from the State Association scientific and applied research (CSIRO) are working on breeding genetically modified cotton, the fabric of which will possess the best properties of synthetics, reports the with reference to Focus.

Whenever someone washes clothes made of synthetics, such as polyester or nylon, the drains are abiarazleak thousands of tiny microfibers polluting the water. When washing cotton, this does not happen: its fibres decompose naturally.

“Environmentalists often criticize the cotton, but it is a natural, renewable fiber, unlike synthetic, which is produced from petrochemical products,” – said the head of research Madeline Mitchell.

Many people make a choice in favor of artificial fabrics that do not crumple and they are less worn, so scientists want to change the length, strength and thickness of the natural cotton fibers so they could compete with synthetic fibers.

With more than 30 years of experience growing cotton using genetically modified technology, CSIRO in conjunction with the company Cotton Seed distributors have been able to reduce the use of insecticides in the cultivation of cotton 85% and herbicides by 60%.

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