Scientists have created a material for unbelievable strength, ” the Chronicle of world events

Ученые создали материал невероятной прочности » Хроника мировых событий

The material surpasses all known biopolymer materials.

Scientists have created from fibers of wood pulp material, which by its strength exceeds all known biopolymer materials, including spider silk, as well as many alloys, including some grade of steel.

This was reported in a paper published in the journal ACS Nano, writes the with reference to

These results, the researchers were able to achieve, rebuild the fibers in the artificial thread.

Some structural elements of natural materials such as spider silk or cellulose show extremely high strength, but lose their properties in the material. In order to transfer those properties in the macro objects, scientists are developing different methods of rebuilding materials.

A group of scientists from Sweden, USA and Germany under the leadership of Daniel Soderberg (Daniel Söderberg) of the Royal technological Institute in Stockholm applied this approach to create a solid material based on cellulose fibers — one of the most common structural elements in plants.

In the source material, they took a mixture of wood fibres of Norway spruce and Scots pine and after chemical treatment in several stages received a suspension of nanofibers with a length of about half a micrometer, do not stick together because of electrostatic repulsion.

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