Scientists have described the action “violates the laws of physics” engine

Ученые описали действие «нарушающего законы физики» двигателя

Installation due to conflicting test results meets mixed reaction in the scientific community.

Research group of the Dresden technical University (Germany), led by Professor Martin taymarom not found conclusive evidence of the performance of the model EMDrive engine. A study presented in may at the Space Propulsion conference 2018 in Seville (Spain), reports the online edition of the with reference to

Experiments conducted by scientists in the framework of the project SpaceDrive, demonstrated the EMDrive a small “thrust”, the magnitude of which was comparable to the measurement error. Experts believe that the “pull” model engine due to the occurrence of Lorentz forces generated by the magnetic field of the Earth on energised cables electrical amplifier powering EMDrive.

“This clearly shows that the “rod” does not come from EMDrive, and some electromagnetic interference. Despite the fact that we used a more twisted or coaxial cables, in the end, some of the magnetic field penetrated through our cables and connectors”, the authors write.

At the conference, scientists talked about the test of the effect of Woodward, the existence of which did not receive convincing evidence. German experts said that it would continue research in the framework of the SpaceDrive.

EmDrive is a device in the form of a cone from the magnetron (microwave generating) and resonator (accumulating the energy of their oscillations). This design allows, according to the creators, to convert the radiation into thrust.

Installation due to conflicting test results meets mixed reaction in the scientific community because of its effect in naive consideration involves the violation of conservation laws.

Test EmDrive held in June 2015 Taymarom also could not confirm (or deny) the workability of the model engine.

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