Scientists have determined the true date of the death of Hitler

Ученые определили настоящую дату смерти Гитлера

There are conspiracy theories, according to which Hitler could escape to Argentina or to a hidden base in Antarctica.

French specialists under the guidance of a forensic expert Philippe Charlier (Philippe Charlier) analyzed the remains of Adolf Hitler, which are stored in Moscow, and re-performed the identification. It is reported online edition of the with reference to

The survey confirmed that the skull fragments really belong to the führer, who died on 30 April 1945 in Berlin.

In 1945 the bodies, presumably belonging to a suicide Hitler and his wife Eva Braun were found by the search group of SMERSH Lieutenant Alexei Panasova near the bunker of the Fuhrer. The body of the dictator has been studied and identified by Soviet specialists, and fragments of jaws and teeth subsequently taken to Moscow and is currently stored in the archives of the FSB and the State archives.

However, there are conspiracy theories, under which are found the remains actually belonged to Hitler, and he could flee to Argentina or to a hidden base in Antarctica.

In 2017, the group of international researchers for the first time since 1946, conducted a new survey of the teeth and skull fragments. Scientists have demonstrated the similarity between the morphology of the remains and radiological images of the skull of the Fuhrer of the Third Reich made during the life of the dictator. Analysis of the teeth showed that they belonged to a man who was a vegetarian, in line with information about the life of Hitler. In addition, were found likely traces of cyanide, which was adopted in order to suicide.

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