Scientists have discovered a 100-ton prehistoric shark

Ученые обнаружили 100-тонную доисторическую акулу

Megalodon modernity was captured in the deepest point of our planet

Foreign cryptozoology stated that it had a unique proof of the existence of Megalodon in our days, writes the with reference to DILL

According to official data, a huge shark lived 5-20 million years ago, her weight had crossed the mark of hundred tons.

Megalodon modernity was captured in the deepest point on our planet – the Mariana trench. As noted cryptozoology footage big fish was received a few months ago. Scientists lured her meat to ten-cell, to which “watched” a few cameras. The space was illuminated by a lantern at anchor.

Experts were amazed when the cage started beating ferruginous monster of incredible size. The video quickly spread on the network. Many people the footage surprised, and some, on the contrary, made me think. Skeptics believe that cryptozoology has mystified video.

According to some people, the video shows the Atlantic polar shark, which fought not on the ten-meter cell. However, this should not be taken as the only true theory, because people have studied, only 5% of the World ocean.

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