Scientists have discovered a black hole on the edge of the Solar system

Ученые обнаружили черную дыру на границе Солнечной системы

Outer object creates gravitational anomalies.

The last time earthlings constantly afraid of the end of the world, and all who can, ranging from psychics, to Orthodox scientists. One of the main scenarios of the Apocalypse is always a cosmic threat to the Earth, and in this respect, researchers have seen a variety of different options, not limited to asteroid attacks, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

Then you and the mythical planet Nibiru, and solar anomalies and possible newcomers with aggressive intentions, and now also added a new threat from the possible black hole, which “hid” on the edge of our Solar system. Astronomers have discovered that a few “backyard” system that is the proverbial black hole, not very big, it still wasn’t noticeable, but nevertheless…

Black holes are proven to be explorers of space, invisible to the telescope, however, they represent a great danger, because the appearance and impact on the material objecty them to predict quite impossible. If the Solar system gets under the influence of this black hole, it along with the Earth and our civilization can be simply absorbed by this cosmic “monster” without any hope for salvation.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the boundary of the system is a black hole for the reason that here, on the margins, there are very characteristic gravitational anomalies. Thus, in the area of the Kuiper Belt, a ray of light suddenly changes trajectory, beginning to move in a curve that has long been a cause of various disputes and interpretations among astronomers.

Currently space researchers came to the conclusion that in this place there can be a black hole, a small, but nevertheless represents a serious danger to the Solar system. In this scientists assure the fact that any space objects in the Kuiper Belt are behaving very strangely, for example, changing the trajectory for no apparent reason.

In a word, to a variety of doomsday scenarios, he added another one, however, as with the planet Nibiru, then there’s a lot of different weird. Therefore, asteroid threat to Earth was and remains very real…

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