Scientists have discovered a planet, which can exist life on earth

Ученые обнаружили планеты, на которых может существовать земная жизнь

In addition to the presence of water, they should get a moderate amount of ultraviolet light.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge (UK) used the results of scientific work in 2015 to determine which exoplanets could sustain life similar to earth. The article was published in the journal Science Advances.

The author, an astrophysicist Paul Rimmer (Paul Rimmer), citing a study 2015, published in Nature Chemistry, explained the concept of scientists:

Life as we know it, requires molecular structures that serve different functions in the cell. These include DNA, RNA, proteins and cell membrane — they all consist of relatively simple building blocks: lipids, nucleotides and amino acids. For a long time we didn’t know how did these building blocks, but surveys in recent years revealed this secret. For example, if you devote ultraviolet light on hydrocyanic acid in water and adding negatively charged ion, such as the bisulfite, there will be simple sugars”.

Ученые обнаружили планеты, на которых может существовать земная жизнь

The researchers suggested that the presence of a large number of hydrocyanic acid in the protoplanetary disk and the negative ions ultraviolet light acts as a catalyst for the formation of “building blocks”. They have studied the planet-candidates “Kepler” to determine how much ultraviolet radiation they receive and there is enough of it for the formation of life. Comparing the reaction of “light” and “dark” chemistry (with the excess and lack of UV), they took the optimum amount of radiation and called it the area of abiogenesis.

Scientists have combined the area with abiogenesis habitable zone (where possible the formation of water) and have identified planets that are close to these signs to the Ground. The closest was the planet Kepler-452 b. Everyone else has settled much lower. According to the authors of the study, it makes sense to observe places that are so similar to Earth.

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