Scientists have discovered dangerous consequence of the use of vitamins

Ученые открыли опасное последствие употребления витаминов

Vitamin tablets can cause cancer.

One in eight people, as statistics show, is dying from cancer. That is why scientists are trying to defeat him once and for all, reports the with reference to Aspects.

Experts advise the people of the world not only to live a healthy lifestyle and eat right, but be very cautious in taking vitamins and biologically active substances.According to experts, they can cause cancer.

Scientists confirm the fact that vitamins can actually cause the development of cancer, it was conducted a large experiment involving 170 people. He helped to reveal that the formation of cancer cells can cause such vitamins as A, C and E.

Experts add: “For every one million people added to food vitamins, you have about ten thousand people diagnosed with cancer of the digestive organs”.

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