Scientists have discovered the altar of the ancient Maya

Ученые обнаружили алтарь древних майя

The age of the finds is estimated at nearly 1500 years.

Archaeologists have discovered in the North of Guatemala Mayan altar, on which was embossed text that describes the policy of the rulers Coolscope Kingdom in the mid-sixth century. Described on the altar of political strategy reminiscent of the action of the series “Game of thrones,” reports the with reference to ZN.UA

The altar was found among the jungle in the ruins of the temple of the ancient city of La Corona. The researchers found a slab of limestone with a length of 1.46 meters and a width of 1.2 meters, its weight exceeds a ton. Scientists were able to date the sample of Mayan hieroglyphic writing may 12, 544.

The writings tell about the ruler of La Corona named chak-Tuk-ICAC, who “sat there and held a scepter, on which was depicted two patron God of the city”. Some other artefacts indicate that chak-Tuk-ICAC rules the neighboring city of El Peru-Waka, about 20 years later.

According to scientists, the discovery suggests that the dynasty of rulers Canola conducted successful expansion into land that belonged to Mutoscope Kingdom. They defeated their opponents in 562 year, which allowed them to freely reign in the Mayan lowlands (South-Eastern part of Mesoamerica) for two centuries.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have uncovered the mystery of the disappearance of the civilization of Easter island. According to scientists, the mysterious civilization that left behind many stone idols, could not disappear as a result of military conflict.

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