Scientists have discovered the effects of plankton on the Earth’s climate

Ученые обнаружили влияние планктона на климат Земли

The specialists undertook the study of the theory and conducted an experiment.

Scientists have discovered the impact of crustaceans on the mixing of water by conducting an experiment with 135 thousands of plankton.

The researchers found that the creation of a strong flow of water in the usual crustaceans. In their opinion, Artemia mix of warm and salted water layers with the bottom layer, where the water is cold and dense. Until recently, such a theory not accepted by scientists.

They filled the tank with water of different salinity, adding 135 thousand Artemia. Then forced them to make the vertical movement with the help of artificial lighting.

Managed to find the group moving in Artemia, the increase of turbulent flows. Whirlwind, going from one shrimp to another, was given a boost. In the end, it became clear that thus is created the meter flows a whole bunch of Artemia.

In the ocean the number of such migratory group reaches many millions. Given such numbers, scientists realize that the influence of crustaceans is just tremendous.

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