Scientists have discovered the exoplanet pairs of iron and titanium

Ученые обнаружили на экзопланете пары железа и титана

In the atmosphere of earth-like planet discovered pair of iron and titanium

The astronomers carried out new observations of exoplanet Kelt-9b. As it was established, the surface temperature of the planet reaches 4 million degrees Celsius, and the atmosphere contains a pair of iron and titanium, writes the online edition of the with reference to

Monitoring Kelt-9b held by the National telescope Galileo, which is set on the island of La Palma, as well as the spectrograph HARPS-North.

The researchers analyzed the fraction of star light, and saw that the atmosphere contains a pair of titanium and iron.

This is the first case when the metals found on the planet outside of our Solar system.

“It doesn’t matter, we are trying to identify titanium, oxygen or some weird molecule that indicates the presence of life. These hot planets are a platform for tests of those methods that we will use in the next few years, when we start to discover a really interesting planet,” said Professor of the University of Bern and study co-author Kevin Hyung.

It is the hottest planet known exoplanets. It was discovered in 2017. It revolves around the star KELT-9, which is at a distance of 650 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus.

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