Scientists have discovered the lair of thousands of octopuses

Ученые обнаружили логово тысячи осьминогов

At the bottom of the coastal part of the Pacific ocean, scientists have discovered thousands of octopuses.

Females protect the eggs deposited in the deep crevices of an extinct volcano.

Oceanographers from the research vessel Nautilus when diving submersibles to the bottom of the coastal part of the Pacific ocean found thousands of octopus species Muusoctopus robustus from an extinct volcano. This publication reports ScienceAlert with reference to the channel of the ship.

This discovery surprised scientists, primarily because octopuses usually lead an isolated lifestyle. They are in contact with other members of the species most often for breeding. What I saw, the specialists, partly due to this behavior.


Along the ridge of the seamount Davidson — an extinct volcano, located near the coast of Central California — grouped females octopus. They were at a depth of 3.2 kilometres and, according to the observations of the researchers who defended their eggs. Here’s how this discovery was commented by the head of the group Chad king (agent King):

“Nothing like this before never seen any within the West coast of the United States or around the world, not in such quantities, certainly. We went down the East side of a small hill and suddenly — boom! — saw dozens of octopus here and there, they were everywhere.”

Scientists have made an interesting discovery about pocahottie fully

In the study of seamount scientists noticed that the water near the octopus “flickered”. According to them, this phenomenon may be a sign of elevated temperature, which proceeded from the womb of the volcano. In the future, scientists plan to conduct measurements close to the mountain, to confirm the hypothesis. If we are right, there is a probability that females chose the octopus hatched a warmer place — which is why so many individuals were in the same place.

Despite the fact that there is speculation about the extraterrestrial origin of octopus, spring scientists have refuted them. However, these amazing animals have incredible abilities, such as change its own RNA to better adapt to the environment. Part of the reason researchers are so interested in them. In the fall of biologists presented a paper in which he studied the mechanisms of empathy octopus with ecstasy.

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