Scientists have discovered why women are less likely to provide first aid

Ученые выяснили, почему женщинам реже оказывают первую помощь

It turned out that passers-by are more willing to save men.

Passers-by even with the knowledge of basic resuscitation are likely to ignore a dying woman out of fear of becoming a victim of allegations of sexual harassment, reports the with reference to Aspects.

Men are much more likely to survive in a situation if in a public place with them had an accident. The matter is not in greater endurance of the representatives of the strong half, and in favor with people view them. The researchers analyzed information on almost 20 000 cases of sudden cardiac arrest for 2017 and concluded that the men were assisted by 23% more often, and the reason for this, believe the researchers, gender stereotypes: the people are women, partly because they are afraid of charges of sexual harassment. Female breast suppresses the desire to give first aid because many people perceive it as a real obstacle to the delivery of basic CPR, considering that the effect of their actions will be zero.

To test the truth of these beliefs was decided by the experts of the University of Colorado under the leadership of Sarah perman. They conducted a survey among random respondents, among whom 60% were men. Participants were asked why women were less likely than men to receive first aid in the form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The majority of respondents said that they feared would be a misinterpretation of their actions, because some may regard the assistance as harassment. Some participants, mostly girls, would have feared to injure or injury of the weak female body. There were those who believed women simulatie: according to them, the ladies rarely have problems with the heart, and so often they just portray the attack.

The findings of scientists confirmed the experiment of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of Marion Leary, which was attended by 75 people. From volunteers was required in virtual reality to assist the person using the defibrillator is a vital category men received more often.

Scientists believe that despite the small sample, the main conclusions are absolutely true: gender inequality can indeed kill many women, and recalls that the adoption of any minimum measures that can save lives, much better than inaction.

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