Scientists have explained why the increased cholesterol

Ученые рассказали, почему повышается холестерин

Named the main reasons of the increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

A recent study by researchers from Sweden and USA have shown that cholesterol is able even to appear in the brain, becoming a provocateur in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

Scientists distinguish five main factors leading to a dangerous accumulation of cholesterol in the body, according to Bagnet.

The lack of sex hormones. Scientists point to the fact that the components of cholesterol are involved in the synthesis of sex hormones. With age the body produces less of these hormones. Accordingly, cholesterol that remains unclaimed for hormonal production starts to grow.

A deficiency of vitamin D. This lack is important for many physiological processes vitamin harmful, if a person has a weakened intestine. A healthy active bowel the body is easier to tolerate even this deficit.

The lack of micronutrients. Omega-3, iodine, iron, b vitamins and other useful minerals contribute to maintaining the level of cholesterol, as they provide a balanced function of internal organs and blood.

The abuse of sugar. Studies show that sugar molecules bind to hemoglobin and change the structure of this protein. Microscopic particles take the form of haemoglobin, which damages the walls of blood vessels, the body increases the synthesis of cholesterol, which plays the role of lubricating grease to protect the vascular tissue.

Other factors. Cause high cholesterol, according to experts, can heredity, place of residence, stress, diseases of the liver and intestine, as well as bad habits.

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