Scientists have figured out how to prolong human life until the thousand years

Ученые выяснили, как продлить жизнь человека до тысячи лет

American researchers claim that the most cherished dream of every person may soon become a reality – people will live for a thousand years.

According to experts, they found a way any person to make superdigital.

Sexologists have determined the fruits that increase potentiostat fully

According to Professor of evolutionary botany Michael rose, in approximately thirty or forty years, humanity will be able to “boast of” duration of the life of a thousand years and more, will help us in genetic engineering. More recently, researchers found that human cells contain telomeres, which depends on the duration of life. Every year of telomeres becomes smaller, causing the cells to die and aging occurs.

Specialists from the medical faculty of the University of Stanford have discovered a method of artificial prolongation of the life of telomeres. Thus, the American scientists believe that the theoretical path to eternity is already open, it is now important to learn how to practice to prolong the life of telomeres.

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