Scientists have found a mineral never before seen in nature

Ученые нашли минерал, никогда ранее не встречавшийся в природе

New material has been found along the road in the remote Australian city of Wedderburn. The miners dug there in search of gold, but never saw a nugget like this.

A fragment of material found to the North-East of the city in 1951, is a small 210-gram stone. In fact, it is a remnant of a meteorite that once fell to Earth. For decades, scientists have tried to unravel its secrets, and now scientists at Caltech have come to the conclusion that it consists of the fact that we never met before.

In fact, this is a rare form of the mineral iron carbide, not found anywhere else on the planet. Most likely, the material is an integral part of the core of the long-dead planet.

The results are published Mineralogist.