Scientists have found a place of “birth” meme

Ученые нашли место "рождения" мемов

The algorithm is most accurate and useful.

According to the experts at University College London, spread occurs mainly from imagebords Reddit and 4chan.

These resources, scientists have named the main place where memes are born. Experts also note that subreddit the_donald home on Reddit while pol plays a key role in the “memorobilia” on 4chan.

Researchers have compiled a detailed database, which included more than 100 million images, which are distributed through sites such as Reddit, 4chan, and Twitter Gab. Another 700 of the thousands of images they took of the “cognitive” resource KnowYourMeme. Images were analyzed according to the method of perceptual hashing that allowed us to establish a series of similar files.

After that, images were divided into separate groups. They began to compare with the files taken from KnowYourMeme, so as to more accurately determine the context and tone. The most concentrated provides 4chan memes, and pictures on current social and political themes supplies online Reddit.

Experts believe that the algorithm is most accurate and useful. According to them, analysts of social networks can use it to accurately determine the content of a hostile content.

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