Scientists have found plastic waste on the bottom of the Mariana trench

Ученые обнаружили пластиковые отходы на дне Марианской впадины

Hazardous waste found at a depth of more than 10 thousand meters.

Japanese scientists analyzed data from studies of the concentration of plastic trash, which was conducted for over 30 years, and found that hazardous waste has reached even into the Mariana trench. Fragments of a plastic bag was discovered at a depth 10989 meters. As reported by Naked science, about 90% of particles that are present in the water, appeared from behind one-time items.

Scientists collected data, pictures and videos of the deepest sections of the ocean floor since 1983. During this time have been more than five thousand dives into the deep, during which found 3 425 plastic objects.

A third was found during this time, waste was microplastic – fragments of plastic items for more than five millimeters. On average, 89% of waste were recycled, at a depth of more than six thousand meters, this figure reached 92%. The scientists say that the observation concerned only the surface of the ocean floor and did not take into account the contamination of large near-bottom layers of the water — they probably also found a lot of pollutants.

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