Scientists have found the age at which people are most attractive to the opposite sex

Ученые выяснили, в каком возрасте люди наиболее привлекательны для противоположного пола

Also men do not like grad students.

Sociologists from the University of Michigan found that the age at which men and women are most attractive as potential partners. Scientists have determined this by how many posts on average get around 200 000 users in the sample.

According to their findings, men reach their peak of popularity with the opposite sex by the age of 50, and girls at 18 years, after which the interest is declining.

The researchers note that both men and women tend to respond to profiles more attractive people than themselves. They also found that for women important education men: the higher the level, the more likely candidate. But men, by contrast, are suspicious of girls who graduated from the graduate school.

Psychologist Michel Droit, the study of relationships and technology, commented on the study: “In real life, a woman with higher education who quoted your favorite passage from Kerouac, speaks several languages or is looking for new methods of treatment of the diseases can be unconditionally attractive.” “Remember Amal Clooney” – said the psychologist.

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