Scientists have found what may cause the shift of Earth’s orbit

Ученые выяснили, к чему может привести смещение орбиты Земли

As a result of displacement will significantly change the climate, which would entail the death of living organisms

Professionals Rutgers University in America, said that the orbit of the earth began its shift under the influence of neighboring planets — Jupiter and Venus, writes the with reference for Today.

These global processes, according to experts, occur every 405 000 years.

Dennis Kent said that as a result of displacement on the planet will significantly change the climate, and this will entail a massive loss of living organisms.

In the study, researchers found that due to the deflection will shift the magnetic poles. To this conclusion they came, studying a piece of rock from the Newark rift basin.

The sample contained minerals of zircon doped with magnetite. These data and allowed us to know the state of the planet’s magnetic field 253 million years ago.

Research will allow experts to find out the reasons from the face of the earth disappeared with these or other animals during the Triassic-Jurassic period. Then, by the way, died out more than 50% of the flora and fauna of the planet.

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