Scientists have identified the threat posture for sleep

Ученые определили опасную позу для сна

It is recommended to change the habit of sleeping in the wrong position.

According to American scientists, sleep in this position can cause back pain, tension in neck, joints and tingling in the hands and feet, according to the with reference to 24apteka.

According to the results of their research, sleeping on the stomach can lead to various health problems and well-being.

In particular, those who regularly sleep in this position, you may experience back pain, tension in neck, joints and tingling in the extremities. In addition, this position is more difficult to breathe.

Especially experts do not recommend sleep so pregnant women, because a man lying on the stomach, worsening the bloodstream.

To reduce the load on the spine in this position, tucked under pelvis and lower abdomen the pillow. In addition, the mattress is recommended to change to more rigid.

In General, according to sleep, should sleep in a comfortable position that allows to freely rotate the head and neck.

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