Scientists have named the possible consequences of stopping the Earth

Ученые назвали возможные последствия остановки Земли

In the event of termination of the movement the consequences would be catastrophic.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Earth stop? Predicted that in the case of such a scenario mankind will not survive, reports the with reference to ChangeUA.

Scientists simulated the situation that may occur in the case that the Earth will be moving slower than it is now, or at all stops. And the consequences will be catastrophic for all life on the planet, – concluded the researchers.

This turn of events may lead to a sharp decrease in the oceans on Earth, or rather their will be only two: one at the South pole, the second – on the North. Moreover, it will lead to a tsunami, as after visiting our planet, all that is on it with great speed will rush to the East and will concentrate at the poles of the Earth.

Global disasters can lead to this end of the world, which will be accompanied by continuous volcanic eruptions.

The researchers suggest that in this case, the weather on the earth’s hemisphere irrevocably change in one hemisphere would be constantly hot and the other always cold.

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