Scientists have named the recipe for the production of diamonds in the microwave

Ученые назвали рецепт производства алмазов в микроволновке

Technology has no special difficulties.

Artificial diamonds are gradually becoming more and more competitive with natural diamonds because they are virtually indistinguishable from the last, but there are two times cheaper, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

According to experts, the laboratory sample of the diamond looks as beautiful as its natural counterpart, has the same structure, same chemical composition, only grow it not nature itself in the bowels of the earth and… modern microwave.

In the microwave laid little diamond (carbon seed), then the chamber is pumped a certain number of mixtures of heavy gas methane. All of this is heated to the temperature required to obtain a so-called plasma ball, in which methane is destroyed, and carbon atoms, crystallizes, gradually deposited on the seed diamond chips, causing its progressive growth.

This process, of course, is long, it may take up to ten weeks, however, works just fine, allowing you to create clean and high quality diamonds.

The word note that artificial diamonds still make up a tiny percentage of the diamond market of the world, however, specialists predict that by 2026, the number of synthetic diamonds will increase at least to 20 million carats, and this will have a significant market share of these gems.

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