Scientists have named the type of people with the healthy heart

Ученые назвали тип людей с самым здоровым сердцем

Less than others subject to the risk of cardiovascular disease optimistic people.

American researchers published in the journal BMJ Open data they have obtained which show that between the psychological state and the condition of the human heart there is a very clear correlation.

Researchers carried out an experiment involving 4, 900 people, in which this dependence is manifested. This is important because, to date, have not found clear evidence that the emotional tone of a person correlates with the heart condition.

In particular, scientists said, as the rest of them at risk of cardiovascular disease optimistic people.

“Optimistic people are much less likely to complain of heart. Those who often is in a good mood, have a healthier heart muscle”, and provides their conclusion in the journal.

The publication notes that the researchers took into account such factors of influence on the condition of the heart as the body mass index, physical activity level, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. But even with their view of the confirmed fact that people who do not have the tendency to be depressed, have much better health of the heart.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about how psychiatrists appreciate the fact that today are increasingly depressive personality type, which is characterized by suppressed emotions and dark perception of the world. Russian physician, Professor of psychiatry Andrew Berezantsev, speaking about this, noted that such condition is due to hormonal characteristics – specifically, inadequate secretion of “happiness hormone” serotonin in the neurochemical level.

These scientific studies confirm that the man a long period of experiencing negative emotions may develop somatic diseases. In their list, painful menstruation, poor vision, bulimia, bad skin, diseases of spine and joints.

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