Scientists have recorded in space massive explosion

Ученые зафиксировали в космосе мощный взрыв

Very soon the wave will reach the Sun, and our planet

The Stereo satellites Ahead, watching the space around the Sun, recorded the explosion of incredible force. Scientists first thought that blew up a planet, but it is impossible in principle. The shock wave swept across the Solar system, writes the with reference for Today.

Very soon the wave would reach the Sun and our planet. Note that it moves now in its ninth day. Scientists have not said if feel the impact of the earthlings from outer space.

Due to powerful explosion “blind” for some time camera satellites: flash lit optical devices. What could cause such an explosion?

Users suggested that blew up the alien ship. This theory, of course, seriously nobody perceived. It is important to note that the frame on the left you can see the Sun.

Accordingly, it has no relation to the incident. Maybe the truth will be revealed later.

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