Scientists have shown how cells function within the organism

Ученые показали, как функционируют клетки внутри организма

Thanks to the microscope, the experts examined cells.

American scientists from the Institute Howard Hughes has developed an advanced microscope that can display in 3D the functioning of cells within the body. This information distributes the publication National Geographic.

Eric Betzig nominated for the Nobel prize in chemistry 2014, who led the team of researchers used three outdated technology in a new microscope. The result surprised even experienced professionals. The scientist managed to reduce excess brightness, to preserve the cell and examine it. Recent development of specialists employed in the fish zebrafish have transparent embryos.

The development has one drawback – it can only be used in transparent organisms. Scientists have identified the creation of this device is the first step to the future victories. Now to see what is happening under the skin not possible, but the technology plan to develop.

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