Scientists have shown the ship-the Changeling — the most unusual ship in the world (video)

Ученые показали корабль-перевертыш — самое необычное судно на свете (видео)

American scientists have presented a RV Flip — Oceanographic research vessel, made for a very unusual scheme. About it writes National Geographic.

The greater part of the length of the hull immersed section is similar to expanding by the end of the pipe. Inside are ballast tanks and compartments for equipment.

On arrival at the site, tanks are filled with seawater and Flip stands in operating position — vertical. A long “tail” goes under the water almost completely, taking with them all the scientific “stuff”. The total length of the vessel is 108 meters, the water remains only 17.

Own power plant of the vessel no: it goes in tow. This is done in order to exclude the impact of the mechanisms on the devices.

The ship, built in 1962, nominally belong to the military fleet, and the actual operator is the Marine physical laboratory of the SCRIPPS institution of Oceanography.

On the Flip, studies of seismology, temperature and heat exchange between the water layers, salinity and many other things.

The standard length of a watch on the Flip — 2-3 weeks. Premises inhabited parts are made so that they can be used in both positions of the vessel. To see how it works, go to the following video.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the only research vessel “Iskatel”. It typically scientists conducting marine geological-geochemical search for oil and gas.

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