Scientists have suggested, how to lose weight and get rid of hypertension

Ученые подсказали, как похудеть и избавиться от гипертонии

Daily temporary fasting effectively helps lose weight and reduce high blood pressure. Scientists for the first time to assess the efficiency of this kind of fasting, involving abstinence from food for a few hours a day, informs the online edition of the with reference to Toneto.

Researchers have conducted an experiment: for 12 weeks volunteers with overweight consumed food only during the 8 hours a day, the remaining 16 hours only drank water. As a result, participants were able to lose on average about 2.6% of its weight (3 pounds), and indicators systolic blood pressure decreased by 7 mm Hg.

This experience has demonstrated that for the effect of weight loss does not need to count calories, simply follow the principle 16 hours of fasting.

“Starvation for a limited time not only helps to lose weight and improve the cardiovascular system”, – summed up in the end, the authors of the project.

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