Scientists have told how to sleep and sleep

Ученые рассказали, как правильно спать и высыпаться

The worst position for complete relaxation while sleeping is lying on their stomach.

Scientists working at the Medical College of Einstein figured out how people have the right to sleep in order to sleep. It turned out that the most significant influence on this has no place in a dream, and a special schedule.

It has the greatest effect on human health after a night’s sleep. Importantly, experts believe, is the observance of rhythms, called circadian.

After a dream that will be done “by the rules”, your health will dramatically improve its productivity. It also, according to the scientists, will become more cheerful and people will feel improvement of your health.

At the same time, pose during a state of dream is also considered quite healthy. His head and neck must stick to the “correct” position.

This contributes to the fact that the body got the most relaxed. It is easiest to achieve when a person sleeps on the back. Thus experts suggest to him to put under his feet a cushion.

During this, scientists believe, the human body is the emergence of major loads that can cause numbness of the extremities.

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