Scientists have uncovered a method of detecting cancer by water

Ученые раскрыли способ выявления рака при помощи воды

The Tn antigen is naturally present in the body.

Experts have told how, in the future the water will help in the fight against cancer.

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Spanish researchers are developing effective tools for determining cancer in the early stages, in which great importance will be water. According to the specialist from the Institute of Biophysics, Emilio Jose Cocinero, the development was studied of two similar versions of Tn antigens (appearing in 90% of cases of cancer), differing only in one amino acid – serinova, or treoninove.

As writes the edition Eurekalert, citing the words of the scientist, it was found that antigens behave differently in water. The Tn antigen, which is associated with threonine, takes a hard form in the solution due to a water molecule. The reverse reaction occurs with the Tn antigen-related serine. Emilio Jose Cocinero notes that these differences are not observed in gas-phase studies.

According to the statements of the expert, this method of tracking the evolution of Tn molecules helps to understand the extent to which develop cancer, and develop drugs that will be most effective for early diagnosis of cancer.

Fellow, Institute of Biophysics also said that the difficulty lies in the fact that the Tn antigen is naturally present in the body. That is, if the immune response in Tn is very low, so the human body does not perceive it as a foreign object. However, if the concentration of hazardous molecules becomes higher, it means that the cancer has developed.

At the end of the conversation with the correspondent of the publication the scientist added that the ideal scenario in the future involves the creation of synthetic molecules not present in the human body, but having the same structure as the Tn antigen. The body will perceive them as a foreign body and will give a stronger immune response to the occurrence of malignant cells.

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