Scientists have uncovered the mystery of volcanoes

Ученые раскрыли загадку вулканов

These places are of great interest for scientists and tourists are usually associated with them the many legends and myths.

Giant’s Causeway (Ireland), devils Tower (USA), Ribs Samson (Scotland) — these names are amazing geological formations in the form of regular polygons, widely known scholar, and found in many countries of the world. There is such a natural phenomenon in the village of Basalt in Ukraine and Russia — at the Cape bar on the West coast of the island of Kunashir.

And of course many remember the famous cartoon of “Hayfilm” film Studio, where the dialogue of the man with the monster takes place at the foot of the cliffs, dotted with vertical poles.

And for good reason — in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, there are several such places, and the most famous of them “Symphony of stones” or “Basalt Organ” in Garni, about 20 kilometers from Yerevan.

The scientific name of this geological formation — the columnar separateness.

These natural objects arise as a result of volcanic activity and represent an ensemble of basalt columns. Often the columns have five or six faces, although in principle their number can vary from 3 to 7 faces.

Today, the mechanisms of formation of such smooth, often geometrically regular formations almost revealed — it is believed that the reason for their reduction is the lava when it cools.

Compressive and cracking its mass decays usually multifaceted, often hexagonal columns.

Across these columns can have a diameter from a few centimeters to a meter and a half, while prisms are usually found perpendicular to the planes restricting the flow of molten lava.

Despite the General awareness of scientists about the processes of formation of these formations remain a number of issues, most of which until recently remained the question of the temperature at which there is equal cracking. To answer this question recently managed by scientists from the University of Liverpool.

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