Scientists have uncovered the mystery sniffing horses

Ученые раскрыли загадку фырканья лошадей

Horses often snort when experiencing positive emotions.Scientists from the French University of Rennes I found out that snorting in horses is a sign of health and life satisfaction.

Researchers for years have watched 48 horses, some of which lived in the stables in individual stalls, and some in conditions close to natural in the herds. It turned out that horses often snort when experiencing positive emotions (e.g., eat or talk: to these actions accounted for about 68% of all Parcani).

But if the horse is aggressive or falls into apathy (for example, looking at the wall or repeating stereotypical movements), she did not snort at all.

Scientists have also found that horses who live in stalls, snort less living a free life. And will work horses snort twice as often as in the stalls.

This research will help horse owners better understand their Pets and monitor their condition. The article was published in the scientific journal PLOS One.

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