Scientists have unveiled the interesting materials about the Mariana trench

Ученые рассекретили интересные материалы о Марианской впадине

In the vast depths were found living creatures.

Recently it became known that record in-flight magazine Jacques Picard (head of the expedition to explore the Pacific ocean) was declassified. The publication of materials allowed us to learn something interesting and daunting, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

First information about the Mariana trench was dated 1872, with the command of the British ship “Challenger”, the crew then made some measurements in the Pacific ocean. The depth of the Mariana trench was equal to thirteen skyscrapers Burj Khalifa, is deeply impressed scientists.

For a long time experts believed that depression no one lives, however, in 1957 scientists of the Soviet Union have determined otherwise. Experts immediately decided to organize a dive to the bottom of the trough, i.e. at a depth of seven kilometers or more.

In 1960, French researchers had discovered while diving a previously unknown kind of fish, who calmly withstood massive pressure. But that’s not what surprised scientists most.

According to declassified records, at a depth of 8 km, the team of Jacques Picard noticed something floating a hundred meters from the submarine. An object similar to a soup bowl, quickly disappeared in the darkness. Maybe it was underwater civilization?

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