Scientists made an unexpected discovery about the Earth

Ученые сделали неожиданное открытие о Земле

The land can be a “living organism,” scientistsZemelapi she is very dissatisfied with how humanity uses its resources in recent years. Moreover, as it recklessly refers to the continued existence of the planet, writes the with reference to Aspects

Scientists in the 1980-ies put forward the theory that the Earth may be a living organism. Moreover, it will continue to actively expresses dissatisfaction with the activities of mankind.

For the first time this was announced by the Soviet experts Makarov and Yanitsky. They found the presence of unexplained phenomena in crevices of the bark. This may be the differences of intensity in functional magnetic field or in the gas concentrations.

Soviet scientists suggested that this behavior is similar to that shows a “living, breathing” organism.

Many modern scholars have supported this theory. In particular, Hartman and Curry that represents the UK.

They are of the opinion that the Earth through these cracks not just breathing, but also conveys signals to other space objects. Including and the discontent of those sentient beings who inhabit it.

It is not excluded that the numerous visits by aliens, recent, associated with the inspections.

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