Scientists predict imminent doom

Ученые прогнозируют неизбежную катастрофу

2017 was the second warmest year of all was fixed.

Our planet has reached a critical indicators. CO2 levels are currently the highest in the past 800 thousand years.

According to 524 scientists from 65 countries in 2017, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere grew by 2.2%. This is the maximum for the last 800 thousand years.

These data are contained in the report of the national Board for climate control USA.

To make such measurements began in the mid-nineteenth century.

While some believe that all the fault — operation of factories, the scientists say that the atmosphere will still continue to warm for several desetileti or century. This situation will even if the world reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Earlier it was reported that the number of deaths from heat will increase almost five times. This is the conclusion reached by scientists Monash University in Melbourne (Australia).

According to them, the reason will be anthropogenic climate change, which will lead to more frequent extreme weather events by 2080.

The study took into account the volume of emitted greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels, the population density in the regions as well as different strategies to mitigate heat.

According to the most pessimistic scenario, the Australian cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne mortality from weather disasters, which will become more frequent, an increase of 471 percent from 1971-2010 years. The number of victims is increasing significantly in India, Greece, Japan and Canada.

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