Scientists “rehabilitated” products considered harmful

Ученые "реабилитировали" продукты, считавшиеся вредными

Misconceptions about the dangers of these products have not been scientifically confirmed.

After conducting some research, scientists have disproved the myth about the harmfulness of certain products. In the first place was the soy, unfairly deemed genetically modified product, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

Followed by palm oil, which is accused of clogging of blood vessels and atherosclerosis, although it has a number of advantages, such as low cost. Moreover, palm oil makes cakes more useful as you no longer need to handle its malicious hydrogen, as is the case with other ingredients.

In third place was the pasta, as they supposedly promote weight gain. In reality, however, excessive caloric characteristic only of pasta, made according to old technologies. Now distributed exclusively from expensive pasta durum wheat, the use of which is not threatened by obesity.

The fourth position is reserved potatoes recognized as harmful because of the starch, but in reality, this vegetable contains different nutrients that remain even after heat treatment.

Completing the list of eggs that are accused of increasing cholesterol levels. Doctors recommend to add eggs in your daily diet as they are rich in nutrients, including protein.

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