Scientists said when they will begin the colonization of the moon

Ученые рассказали, когда начнется колонизация Луны

NASA attended to the expansion of the area of the ISS.

Mankind is planning to colonize the moon, and the launch of this program say in the foreseeable future – after 4 years.

the moment the last man, captain gene Cernan, walked on the moon, it’s been nearly 46 years. But lately the idea of returning people to the earth’s satellite has found a new life. Donald trump at the end of last year signed the relevant Directive. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos even said that humanity would be nice to have on the moon permanent base.

However, what will it be? Options actually a lot. Scientists, corporations and space agencies around the world are seriously working in this direction. Someone offers to build a dwelling on the surface, someone-a station in orbit of our satellite.

One of the last and almost the most ambitious undertakings was the Deep Space Gateway – design of a small lunar space station that NASA was going to build, together with other space agencies of Europe, Russia, Japan, China. Deep Space Gateway was supposed to be a transit point on the way to more distant objects, Mars, the asteroid belt. The name of the project, however, has changed. Now it is Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G). But the essence is the same.

According to the working design, LOP-G will include the power and driving elements (power and propulsion element), habitation module, logistics elements and the vestibule. NASA claim that they will build the station in 2020. the project has even allocated budgets. Only in 2019, the project will allocate half a billion dollars over five years going to invest $2.7 billion for About the same money every year Ukraine imports of coal for power plants.

If the U.S. is considering the option of building a lunar station, then Europe more like the idea of the construction of the base directly on the surface of earth’s satellite. Moon Village is a non – profit Association, whose main goal is to do everything possible for creating a permanent moon base. One of its main ideologues, the head of the European space Agency Jean Warner. And the Association has about 150 structures – governmental, scientific, industrial, – more than 30 countries.

Among them are the Ukraine, which is the Design Bureau “southern” (Yuzhnoye SDO). At Yuzhnoye SDO has its own development of a model of a lunar base. Calculated everything from the carrier rocket, a lunar orbital station, or, say, landing platform, ending with the premises for life and work of the crew.

The designers, these spaces can be of two types: vertical and horizontal. Imagine a comfortable garage with a length of 6 and height of 3 metres wide. Here you have a horizontal unit. Vertical must be greater than: 6 metres in height and five in length-width. In addition, the lunar base from the Ukrainian engineers should be equipped with Rovers, vehicles and devices for sensing. Unlike foreign projects, take a look at the design and “walk” around the base on the moon right now – Yuzhnoye SDO has prepared a virtual tour and prepare to show it in two weeks at Interpipe TechFest in the river. But with the implementation period of the project is not yet clear.

A few years ago, NASA was concerned about the expansion of the area of the ISS. In the spring of 2016 to the station docked cargo ship Dragon with the BEAM module in the trunk. Developed by Bigelow Aerospace, the module was not simple, and… bouncy. A sort of a balloon in space. The station crew uploaded inside the module the air, thus obtaining an extra room 4×3 meters for experiments.

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