Scientists through genetic engineering has created a bull without horns

Ученые с помощью генной инженерии создали быка без рогов

Experts working with the CRISPR technology, has created a bull without horns. This is another step on the path of genetic modification in the food industry.

There is a caveat in agriculture, which is often not saying the horns of cattle is a danger to the farmers, and all would like to deny the bulls their main weapon. There is a practice in which the bulls horns and remove the beginnings before they begin to grow. But it is considered cruel and immoral procedure, which causes additional pain to farm animals, and advocates have long called for more humane solutions.

One of the ideas – if the bulls never had horns in the beginning. The team from the University of California, Davis edited the genes of a bull, and as a result on light there were 6 calves without horns. They all have inherited genetic changes in her father. Instead of adding foreign genes into our food scientists can now cut out the genes that are harmful to plant growth or to simulate mutations that are advantageous is a kind of “gene therapy” for food, but for better, not for treatment, say the authors.

The results were published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.