Scientists told about the dangers of sleeping pills

Ученые рассказали о вреде снотворных

Receiving sleeping pills actually is not so harmless for human body.

The life of modern man has the same key, without auxiliary medicines, many inhabitants of the planet life is simply not present.

Data from the world health organization have concluded a sad fact that more and more residents of Western Europe are taking medications to improve sleep quality, in other words, sleeping pills.

Many people suffer from fatigue regularly receive stress, which leads to depressive disorders and as a consequence to insomnia. Most people prefer to deal with insomnia the fastest available way – by making sleeping pills.

Obviously, this is the fastest and easiest way to get to sleep, and sleep well before the next working day. But how does this way to fall asleep quickly, safe for the human body?

How did you find a group of American scientists, a regular consumption of sleeping pills actually is not so harmless for human body. The study noted that regular use of sleeping pills can be addictive in just two weeks. Applying this kind of medicine man in exchange for healthy sleep gets drug dependence, which is comparable to alcohol.

Another quite noticeable side effect of greatly reducing the health of the brain the next day after taking sleeping pills. By the way, no accident in the annotations to the soporific tablets indicates that it is undesirable to drive a motor vehicle after taking drugs.

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