Scientists told about the delicious drink that can help to reduce the pressure

Ученые рассказали о вкусном напитке, который поможет снизить давление

The problem of high blood pressure is so widespread, that it affects almost every third person in the world.

American physicians from Auburn University in Alabama said that an effective way to combat hypertension is regular yogurt, according to “Country of health”.

In the study, they found that an imbalance of gut bacteria (microbiota) may lead to jumps in blood pressure in some people.

And since yogurt keeps the balance of good bacteria in the digestive system – it positively affects the work between the gut and the brain – bacteria that live in the probiotics lower blood pressure.

Kefir has a so-called antigipertenzivny mechanism – the ability to reduce the level of endotoxins (toxic substances associated with cell damage, therefore reduces blood pressure).

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