Scientists told about the geological paradox of the English countryside, Willing

Ученые рассказали о геологическом парадоксе английской деревни Уилленд

Settlement in Devon goes up for unknown reasons.

No English scholar can explain why the village of Willand located in the County of Devon, rises to two centimeters every year. The impression that the village is bursting from the inside by some unseen force, according to Chronicle with reference to the news of the world.

The first ascent was recorded in 2015 experts at the University of Nottingham when they carried out surveying work. Later information was confirmed by satellites.

At first, scientists thought that there are underground gas pockets, but they later abandoned this theory. New versions of the appearance of anomalies, unfortunately, no. If the rise continues, there will be a gap of sewers, pipelines and other similar networks. Also destroyed the railroad.

The villagers have yet to see any changes. The problem will become obvious when the problems begin with the utilities.

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