Scientists told of the mortal danger in the lakes

Учёные рассказали о смертельной опасности в озёрах

Dangerous organisms secretes an ordinary snail. It is no secret that children spend a lot of time on the street, especially in the summer time. However, US officials from the state institutions agencies warned parents about the deadly dangers, writes the with reference to Aspects

Experts say that children should be especially careful when they are near lakes, ponds and rivers. All because of a large number of parasites that have activated. Scientists have warned that they can cause an allergic reaction. It was also said about the deadly dangers of swimming in rivers and lakes, as parasites can cause the death of a allergic.

According to experts, parasites are unable to produce the usual snails in fresh or salt water. To catch the disease in the river or lake often in the summer. Researchers are advised to avoid swimming in marshy places, usually where the snails live.

Issued by the snails, the parasites can cause itching, burning or tingling. 12 hours after contact with the parasites in humans can be a strong rash. In addition, the body’s reaction to the parasites from the snail may be more severe if the person has allergies.

The scientists said that if a person was infected with parasites from the snails, you should immediately consult a doctor. He will prescribe a special cream that will relieve itching and rash. As a rule, the parasites will disappear completely from the human body for a week, and with them will go away and the symptoms.

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