Scientists will extract fuel from the air

Ученые будут добывать топливо из воздуха

Carbon dioxide extracted from the atmosphere by a series of chemical reactions

Carbon Engineering is a canadian company which engineers suggested a new technology. It will directly extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The materials of their work already published in the scientific journal Joule, writes the with reference for Today.

Carbon dioxide extracted from the atmosphere by a series of chemical reactions. The air plan to pump fans in a special cooling tower. Then the design starts interaction with an alkaline solution.

Liquid, freezing, warm up slowly. The result will be allocated carbon dioxide, which can be applied, producing gasoline.

Cost of such fuel will be more expensive than traditional counterparts, however, to explain the price of the product is its “environmental friendliness”.

The cost of the gas production is from 94 to 232 USD per ton. Carbon Engineering can be associated with projects counterparts, extracting from the air carbon dioxide. The novelty is about 10 times cheaper than competing technologies.

While it is claimed that the technique will not disturb the balance of carbon dioxide in nature, on the contrary, mitigate harmful greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. For three years engineers want to build the first plant, producing carbon dioxide according to the new methodology.

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