Scream: the designer has built the alphabet of simulations Neymar

Умора: дизайнер составил алфавит из симуляций Неймара

Player’s acting abilities never cease to admire.

Brazilian designer Luciano Jacob invented the font which was formed by the simulation, and falling stars Brazil’s Neymar during the world Cup 2018, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Jacob drew from the simulations, Brazilian all Latin alphabet. All the letters in it are depicted in the form of Neymar, who lies on the grass in various poses. The font is called “Ney Type”.

The designer admitted that the idea came to him during one of the matches of the world Cup, when Neymar was on the pitch. “It was like the letter T,” said Jacob.

“To create the whole alphabet was not easy. I had to search the whole Internet in search of photos from his downs to find the right parts for some of the letters,” said the designer.

Note that in the course of the 2018 world Cup Neymar lay on the lawn, in total about 15 minutes.

Умора: дизайнер составил алфавит из симуляций Неймара

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