Second world remission of a patient with HIV (study)

Deuxième cas mondial de rémission d'un patient atteint du VIH (étude)

A second person has experienced durable remission of HIV-1, the virus that causes aids, after having interrupted his treatment, and is probably cured, must announce of the researchers at a medical conference Tuesday.

Ten years after the first confirmed case of a patient suffering from HIV having recovered from the deadly disease, a second case, known as “the patient” of London, has not shown sign of being hit virus for almost 19 months, reported researchers in the journal Nature.

Both patients underwent bone marrow transplants to treat cancers of the blood, by receiving stem cells from donors who have a rare genetic mutation that prevents HIV from install.

“By achieving a remission on a second patient using a similar approach, we showed that the +patient Berlin+ was not an anomaly,” said the main researcher Ravindra Gupta, a professor at the University of Cambridge, referring to the first case worldwide of remission in a patient with HIV.