Secret agents fled with the Estonian President at the new York marathon

Секретные агенты бежали с президентом Эстонии на Нью-Йоркском марафоне

Secret agents fled with the Estonian President at the new York marathon

Author: Anastasia Podgorny

The secret service protects the President of Estonia during the marathon in the U.S. Photo: twitter

The new York city marathon, the secret service

The secret service protects U.S. presidents and other heads of state visiting America. So when the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid ran the new York marathon, two bodyguards had to run with it.

Among the 50,000 runners overcame of 26.2 miles (42 km) during Sunday’s marathon through the five boroughs of new York, were two agents of the Secret service of the United States.

They were here not just for fun, and was on duty, guarding the President of Estonia, who fled in her first new York marathon. The Secret service agents assigned to protect visiting dignitaries and heads of state, where would those go in the United States, including roads, bridges and hills of new York.

Special agent Mason, Breiman and Lieutenant bill Uher — bodyguards, participated in the marathon, this time fled, armed with special equipment.

“I promised I’m ready, — said Uher in a press release. — It gave me a good reason to go out and practice”.

The agents explained that should be able to run not only for four hours, but in the case of physical or medical need.

Breiman already preparing for the marathon, which will be held in Philadelphia two weeks later, on November 18.

“I just added 10 miles to my training day,” said an agent who ran 16 miles without a special job on Sunday.

All three of us successfully crossed the finish line, successfully completing the new York marathon.

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