Security officials in Moscow will give special glasses, so it’s better to catch students and women

Силовикам в Москве дадут специальные очки, чтобы лучше отлавливать студентов и старушек

Moscow city hall has commissioned the development of augmented reality glasses with facial recognition technology for police officers.

It is reported by RBC with ssylkeoy to sources involved in the preparation of the project.

“DIT is testing the application of face recognition technology for the transmission of information on augmented reality glasses”, – told in the Department, but said that “to talk about the details, and especially the results of the project while early”.

Public presentation of the project is scheduled for October 2019, during the exhibition “INTERPOLITEX”. In the company-razrabotchika Ntechlab from comments about possible cooperation with the municipality refused.

While algorithms for face recognition are used in Russia for 1.5 thousand cameras. They are connected to databases with names of persons under investigation.