Seine-et-Marne: on trial for the rape of a woman of 86 years

Seine-et-Marne: jugé pour le viol d'une femme de 86 ans

A 42-year-old is held Wednesday 20 for the rape of a woman 86 years of age, committed in 2006, in Seine-and-Marne. The victim died before her abuser, betrayed by his DNA, was recovered by the investigators.

The court of assizes of Seine-et-Marne judge on Wednesday, a forty-something woman accused of raping a woman 86 years of age, living in Clay-Souilly. The events took place in 2006, but the alleged abuser was not arrested until ten years later.

The rape allegedly took place on June 22, 2006. A man in his eighties has alerted the fire brigade, and assures them that she has been raped by a stranger.

In returning home, she had found herself nose to nose with a man who had trained in his room. There, he was gagged with a belt and raped her, telling her that he loved the grand-mothers, according to Le Parisien.

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The rapist had then fled, threatening to death the octogenarian if she ever lodged a complaint. Expertise had enabled us to discover traces of semen on the clothes of the victim, but the DNA of the aggressor was not included in the files of the police.

The investigation will therefore be harmed by the pitfalls of size and the rapist will not be apprehended.

This is only the April 18, 2016 the identity of the rapist will eventually be discovered. The accused had indeed been convicted in a case of domestic violence, and his DNA had been entered in the File for the national automated genetic fingerprint.

Distracted by the police, he begins by denying the facts before you all to confess. His two sisters-in-law lived in the same pavilion as the victim, the housing being divided into apartment.

The octogenarian she never knew who her rapist: she died a year before his arrest.

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